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Tri-State Campaign Launches Campaign for Pedestrian-Friendly Penn Station Area

7th_btw_34_35.jpgAlthough the issue of how to relieve pedestrian congestion on the streets around the future Moynihan Station has not yet been fully addressed by the planning entities involved, the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, a member of the Friends, has launched a campaign to remind us of the importance of this issue.

The campaign, called "Penn for Peds!," calls for opening to pedestrians only 32nd Street between Seventh and Sixth Avenues, a street that is already hardly used by cars. This sounds like a wonderful idea, as is Borough President's Scott Stringer's plan to widen sidewalks and provide bike lanes on 33rd Street from Herald Square to the Hudson River. Both ideas could be implemented now, even before Moynihan Station is built!

To read more about Penn for Peds!, visit TSTC's website: