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What Is Moynihan Station?

Moynihan Station has gone through several iterations over the years. At its most ambitious point, in early 2006, Moynihan Station involved building a new train hall in the eastern half of the Farley Post Office building, and a new arena for Madison Square Garden in the western half (the Annex) of Farley. East of Eighth Avenue, the existing MSG structure would have been torn down, the existing Penn Station gut renovated, making room for a new, 21st century train station and mixed-use building. That plan was abandoned in April 2006.

Currently, the plan is to build a new train hall in the Farley Post Office Building in two phases. Phase 1, which is nearly fully funded at an estimated cost of $267 million, is to build new entrances to the platforms through the northeast and southest corners of the Post Office, to double the width of the West End Concourse and 33rd Street Connector, provide 13 new "vertical access elements" (escalators, elevators, stairs) to the platforms, and other infrastructure upgrades. Phase 1 will begin construction by the end of 2010 and should be completed by 2015. It is a pre-requisite to Phase 2.

Phase 2 includes the new train hall in the fully renovated Farley Building for use mainly by Amtrak, an intermodal hall, retail stores, and other infrastructure elements. That phase is expected to cost $1 billion to $1.5 billion, and funding has not been identified. The construction of one or two office buildings in the vicinity of Farley, as well as a new use for the western half of the building, will help to finance the train hall's construction.

The renovation of Penn Station east of Eighth Avenue and the construction of several million square feet of office space in the district remains the ultimate goal.